Only an excellent fabric can originate an excellent fashion ~ Nino Cerruti

Marking our beginnings from a humble 15000 sq feet weaving mill in the small town Bhiwandi (Mumbai), in the year 1978 as a family run business; SparshFab has transformed itself into a professionally managed Company with offices in Kalbadevi (Mumbai), Kalher (Bhiwandi), Aasbibi (Bhiwandi), Sonale (Bhiwandi), Bhilwara (Rajasthan) and a professionally run team of   250 people. A business conceptualised on the insight that ‘India’s tropical weather conditions demands light-weight and durable clothing made from the finest natural materials like cotton and linen for its people’, SparshFab has come a long way in continually rediscovering itself to stay relevant.

With a vision to make Sparshfab India’s most trusted brand in comfort and sustainable fabrics, the team strives to deliver to India’s aspirational needs in fabrics and clothing. Backed by extensive research and first-hand consumer feedback, fabrics over the last 3 decades have been delicately woven and delivered to Dealers who skilfullycomplete the supply chain, to reach the fabrics into uniforms for schools, hospitals, government institutes etc. With technology and innovation at the core of the business, SparshFab has progressed over time to create a robust and flexible production chain, that can easily scale up basis orders, to deliver high quality fabrics within stiff deadlines.

With an inventory ranging 3000+ of fabric designs and colour combinations in a wide variety of blends, the Company takes pride in ensuring designs, patterns and colours are innovative and trend relevant. SparshFab has also conceptualised and creates fabric that are sustainable – fabrics made out of recycled pet bottles, anti bacterial and sweat absorbent fabrics. Today, the reach and reputation of SparshFab that has painstakingly been built, permeates both urban and rural markets of India. With a production capacity that exceeds 3 crore meters of cloth per annum; and supported with an 800 dealer strong network across the length and breadth of India, the Company is poised for exponential growth.

SparshFab, touching the skin of millions of Indians each day!


Haribhagwan Todi

Chairman of Sparsh-fab

Mr. Haribhagwan Todi has earned the repute of an astute and knowledgeable leader in India’s fabric manufacturing industry. His farsightedness has helped SparshFab transition from being just a humble‘fabric manufacturer’ to an organised and leading ‘national fabric producer and supplier’.

He has played an instrumental role in steering the Company’s expansion into geographies beyond of Mumbai, its headquarters, and into key markets across India. Hisleadership style has led to the development of a strong people first culture, whereemployees, customers and dealers are the pillars of his successful business. His far sightedness and inherent need to pass on his‘knowledge garnered-beyond-books’ often sees him interacting with the next gen inducting them into the business through interesting anecdotes and practical insights.

Mr. Todi’s business ethics, righteousness and dedication, which he has successfully passed on to the next generation, has garnered him not just industry goodwill, but also a recognition by Zee Business with the Dare to Dream Award. Mr. Todi’s far-sightedness and best in class practices, has set the foundation for a rock-solid future for SparshFab.

Mr.Girish Todi

Girish began his now 25 years plus experience with the family business way back in 1995, fresh after his graduation in Commerce. Girish’s zest and market know-how led him to developing ready to wear fabrics and fancy packaging. He has played an instrumental role in crafting the brand and its positioning, seeding brand name SparshFab and growing it to where it stands today.

His initiation into the industry at an early age gave him a head start into the business, backed by his astute understanding of strategy and finance, both areas which continue to be his strength even today.

As a second-generation entrepreneur, he has been actively involved in directing and managing the business including finance, corporate strategy and planning. Having earned the repute of being a strategic thinker, Girish puts relationship management at the core and is known to have built long standing effective relationships both within the organisation and with partners outside of it.

Known for his forward thinking and open-minded approach, Girish is agile to modify strategies to capture emerging opportunities or tackle unexpected challenges that the fabric industry may face. He is known to be flexible in mindset, allowing his people to try new approaches and bringing newer ideas to the business, which has led to the birth of “Sparshfab”line of fabrics, a major success in the fabric industry.

Backed by the belief that ‘every experience is a stitch in the fabric of your character’, Girish weaves in interesting stitches both for himself and for SpashFab.

Mr.Vikas Todi

With over 2 decades of expertise in the fabrics industry, Vikas joined the family business armed with a BE in Electronicsand exceptional technical insights. With a larger vision for the Company, Vikas, has piloted the diversification of the Group from a family run business to one of India’s leading organisedfabric manufacturers. Known for his in-depth understanding of the industry ecosystem,Vikas’ strengths lie in areas ranging plant operation, production, marketing and sales.

With astute vision and foresight, Vikas brings in technology innovations, developing new trends and fabrics, while benchmarking to global standards. Known for his marketing skills, he has been instrumental in fortifying imagery and reach of brand SparshFab across India’s geographies, investing extensively into building the brand and trust associated with it. He is known to set aggressive, yet balanced performance targets across the value chain; and the achievement of these targets is recognized, rewarded, shared and celebrated which keeps the teams continuously motivated to achieve more.

Vikas believes that ‘Life is a fabric, intrinsically woven by the fibres of our experiences’, and endeavours to weave in as many positive experiences for both himself and SparshFab.

Future Plans – Functional Fabrics :

Understanding the current market and customer needs, we at Sparsh-Fab fabrics relentlessly work towards evolving our products to cater to modern times. Uniforms are clothes which are worn for good 8 hours and we want to create the safest possible environment for your body. We have successfully worked towards designing, producing and manufacturing anti-bacterial and odour free school as well as hospital uniforms. India being a tropical country and the ever-soaring temperatures cause a lot of sweating, causing discomfort and foul odour. Keeping this in mind, we have developed sweat absorbent fabrics with moisture management technology which makes uniforms effective, odourless and extremely comfortable to wear for long hours


To be honest, transparent and ethical in everyday business

To deliver a superior experience in each service we provide to our stakeholders.

To put our people and planet alongside profits, integrating social principles in our business

To be agile, and use customer insights and research to develop innovative solutions

To invest in our partners and people, building collaborative associations based on trust and mutual respect


To be innovators in the fabric industry, by staying ahead of the curve with offerings that include the latest trends, while being the most trusted business partner through delivery of unprecedented customer service and value.

Sparshfab Mission is to create new and innovative products in the Uniform Fabric industry by keeping track of and staying ahead of the latest trends & to be most trusted business partner thru exceptional customer service and value edition.


To fortify SparshFab’s position as a trusted brand and evolve into global

leaders in fabric manufacturing and related businesses. To make Sparshfab most trusted brand & become world leaders in Uniform fabric and related segments.


Our uniforms are more like ‘image wear’, where we deliver not just comfortable clothing, but play a role in establishing your brand imagery.

School uniforms

“Uniformis synonymous with the school’s identity, uniting students. We create uniforms thatstudents wear with pride!”

We have over 4 decade of experience in the school wear industry and our offerings are designed to be customer friendly, competitively priced, and in line with the latest trends. Whether the use of polycotton to cater to the rugged use on the school playground or use of SAF (Sweat absorbent Fabrics), which deals with the excessive sweating of this excited audience, we keep insights at the centre of product development. Manufactured using only the best quality raw materials, our experienced fabricators weave in high quality fabrics, with the best designs, to create superior outcomes while keeping student comfort right at the core.

Our methodical process:
Once you make an informed decision, feel good about the uniforms that the students will enjoy wearing!

Office uniforms

“A uniform at work represents a group of people, because what it immediately symbolizes is oneness and togetherness.”

Our expertise has seen us dress employees in uniforms across India. Our uniforms are an outcome of a ‘workplace study’, which enables us to design-to-suit-work-conditions, considering current trends, and rate high on functionality. We offer an assortment of designs with a combination of the most attractive colours in the best quality fabrics. With use of finer count polycotton yarns, the uniforms are woven to ensure least wear and tear and maximum comfort, leading to improved focus of employees on the job and resulting in optimal outcomes.

Our methodical process:

Suitings, Shirtings, Ethnic and more…

"Fashion changes with the seasons four times a year. But style, is what we give you each day the year!"

Whether youare on the lookout for workwear formals, an outfit for the afterhoursor simply for that special pooja, we have an assortmentthat is tailor made for everyoccasion. Artistically woven yards are available through our luxurious collection, no matter what your requirement.

Specially designed fabrics with a range of exquisite colors, textures and patterns, the fabrics offer both contemporary and modern designs to suit every requirement. Whether seeking the formal business suit or the traditional kurta, a heavily embroidered ensemble or just a simple cotton printed shirt, each clothing transforms the fabric into a fashion statement

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